1. Tragedy of War

external image clip_image002.jpgOne of the main themes in the story is the horror of war. Throughout the story, the loneliness, sadness, chaos, and horror is felt.

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2. Always Have Hope
Throughout his childhood, there were countless demoralizing events that Ishmael faced. However, not once did he quit on life. He found himself again, and has inspired millions.
3. There is Always Love
When all else is lost, during the hardships that Ishmael has faced, he always finds love. In the army, and during rehabilitation, Ishmael has a brother-like bond with his friend Alhaji. They help each other get through the rehab, and have each other’s backs in the army. Also, after everything he went through, Ishmael finds love with Uncle Tommy. Finally, he finds love with Esther and Laura, who look through his past and accept him unconditionally.