Chapter 11
In this chapter, they approach the village where it is said Ishmael’s family is. They find a man from Ishmael’s village who says he will take them to Ishmael’s family. As they head down the hill to the village, gunshots are heard. The village is completely on fire. Ishmael is devastated.

Chapter 12
As they continue walking, they run into two government soldiers. The soldiers take the boys to Yele. They think they have finally found safety. However, one day the atmosphere tenses. Soldiers begin moving in and out of the town. The lieutenant calls everybody to the town square. He selects a group of people who were in good enough health to serve. Ishmael is one of those chosen. They start to go through training.

Chapter 13
In this chapter, the soldiers get a day off of training. They play soccer and other games. Then, in the evening, they are called to get suited up. They marched into the jungle to fight the rebels. Ishmael survived unscathed. However, some were not as lucky.

Chapter 14
In this chapter, Ishmael has a duty guarding a post. In order to spend time, he becomes addicted to marijuana, cocaine, and white capsules. When the group of soldiers is not out on a raid, they are watching war movies. Ishmael has no fear of death or killing others. Killing has become a second nature to him. On a raid, Ishmael grows terribly angry, as he pictures those who killed his family, and he takes out any rebel in sight.

Chapter 15
In this chapter, it seems as if Ishmael’s heart has frozen. His childhood has passed him by without his knowing. The year was 1996. He, Alhaji, and 20 other squad members head off toward a small town, where they will see an old friend. At the town they have a warm meeting. The next morning, a truck pulls up with the letters UNICEF on the side. A few soldiers, around the same age as Ishmael, were told to go with the men in the truck. Ishmael is one of the boys. At first, Ishmael is confused. Then, he grows angry. Later, the truck pulls into a fenced compound. They are grouped up with a bunch of other kids. They go outside, and they get into a major altercation with a group of rebel boys. Six people are killed before the fight is broken up. Then, Ishmael and the group is transported.

Chapter 16
Ishmael is infuriated by the staff telling him what to do. So the only thing he does is eat. Ishmael and the other members of the rehab home beat up any staff member that tries to help them. One day, a group of boys decides to break the windows of the schoolhouse. Ishmael punches a window, and he is taken to the hospital. Over the next two days Ishmael faints numerous times.

Chapter 17
It had been about a month since Ishmael had last been in the hospital, but one day, the nurse comes up to Ishmael and gives him a coca-cola. The next day, Ishmael goes to the hospital. There, he meets Esther. A few days later, Esther gives Ishmael a walkman with a few cassettes. Esther sees a scar on Ishmael’s leg. Ishmael vividly describes how he got the scar. A few days later, Esther gave Ishmael a tour of the city.

Chapter 18
During the fifth month at the Benin Home, Ishmael goes to Esther and tells her, “I feel as if there is nothing left for me to be alive for.” Esther is there to comfort him. The following day, Esther tells Ishmael that the director of the home is coming, and he wants the kids to put on a talent show for him. The director is so impressed by Ishmael’s performance, that he asks Ishmael to be the spokesperson for the home. Then, during the seventh month, Leslie, the man in charge of finding a new home for the kids, tells Ishmael that they located his uncle. His uncle walks through the doors, and he gives Ishmael a giant hug. Over the next few weeks, Ishmael met with his uncle.

Chapter 19
In this chapter, Ishmael is repatriated with his uncle. He is warmly welcomed by Uncle Tommy’s wife and kids. A few days later, Allie, Uncle Tommy’s son, takes Ishmael dancing. There, he met a girl. He dates her for three weeks before they break up. The next day, Leslie comes by the house. He informs Ishmael that there is an interview for the UN. Ishmael decides to do the interview. He is selected to go to New York City for the UN. With the help of Mr. Kamara, he gets his passport, and all the other necessary items. Then, Ishmael heads to the airport.

Chapter 20
Ishmael arrives in New York City, and he is shocked by the snow. Ishmael is completely overwhelmed by the lights of the City. He has a room to himself for the first time in the hotel. The next morning the conference started. Ishmael met many new people including Laura Simms, a storyteller. In November of 1996, at age 15, Ishmael heads back to Sierra Leone.

Chapter 21

When he returned, everything went back to normal. Ishmael is going to school, and hanging out with friends. However, on May 25, 1997, the war entered Freetown. Ishmael has some close encounters in the city with the rebels. One morning, Ishmael’s uncle becomes sick, and he does not survive the month. Ishmael is grief-stricken. So, on October 31, 1997, he decides to leave for good. Ishmael plans to make his way to Guinea and then to New York. He takes buses up through Sierra Leone, into Guinea.